Secret Citi Thank You Premier 60000 Offer and Card Review

By Gavin | November 29, 2018

I'm going to show you how to get the secret 60,000 points signup bonus on the Citi ThankYou premier.

This card really flies under the radar, because a lot of times it doesn't even have a sign-up bonus, it has had a 50,000 point public sign up bonus after spending 4,000 the first three months for the last few months. But to get this 60,000 points signup bonus, I am going to leave a link down that you can click, it will take you to this offer. If you are not seeing it for some reason, I would try to use a different browser or clear your browser cache, and if that's not working then just go to a different browser or something. But it should show up for you, it might even show up on your normal browser but play with a couple different things, but this link should work and show you a sixty thousand point signup bonus. Because I've seen on a bunch of different browsers, even though I have been to their website recently, but I really like this card.

Overall I am a big fan of it, it has no annual fee the first year and is really quite comparable to the Chase Sapphire Preferred. One of the downfalls of this card which really isn't a huge downfall to me, but some people might not appreciate it as much is the fact that it does not really have any great airline transfer partners for US airlines. It does have JetBlue, but it does not transfer at a one-to-one ratio, but it does have some really fantastic international partners, such as air France-KLM Cathay, Pacific Avianca, be amazing Singapore Airlines, Virgin, Atlantic, and Ed Ahad, so you can get on that first-class apartment that. I am about to fly here in the next few weeks with Citi. When you book inside their portal, you can also get one point two five cents per mile on flights, for those of you who are scared to use transfer partners it's not the best way to use your miles, but it is a simple way to use them.

This card also offers triple miles on gas stations as well as all sorts of travel expenses, and double miles online as well as some entertainment categories.

Overall this is a great card to have, I would still get your chaise before you had a look at it, but 60,000 points is about as high as you're going to see this card, I think it is absolutely worth it. A lot of great things that you can do with it.

One more thing to mention if you have had any of the other Citi thank-you cards in the last 24 months, you will not be eligible for this card. Citi is also a bit sensitive to having too many inquiries over the last six months, I believe it is six in the last six months, and you will automatically be denied.