Print out you Citi Costco Rewards

By Gavin | August 05, 2019

I just wanted to talk about the Costco card, it's very hard to have you give your rewards on your statement in February, unfortunately for me, it's now April and I sighed and received them, or if I did you see them, I didn't look through my bill good enough, that's probably what happened, variously I was able to go on to the website, and I was able to actually go ahead and print out my rewards.


Get cashback on purchase

It's a great way that you're able to reward fast and easy, just took about two clicks and a friend there, and I was able to print out my birth certificate which now I can go to the store, and just churches of what I need purchase it's wanted, let you know that it's very easy to go online, you go to cart services, print out reward, and there you go, takes two seconds.

Like I said before and just want to talk about this card, this set of all this hustle Clark, push them back on cash, you get four percent back on gas purchases, which is great, three percent back on restaurant and travel worldwide, two percent back on everything at Cosco, and one percent back for everything else.

The main benefit of this card is the four percent back on gas, use this card for gas, without a doubt the cheapest gas in the area is Costco, and four percent you can't beat it.

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