How to Make Online Credit or Debit Card Payment in India | CITI

By Gavin | August 07, 2018

This demo teaches you how to use your Visa card or your MasterCard for making payment, now you can have a credit card or debit card or simply an ATM card for making this payment. Before you reach the payment processing page, there are a few details that you need to know about your card, now let's see what those details are.

First is the card type, so now if you look at the top card, it has a Visa symbol on it, and if you look at the bottom card, it has a MasterCard symbol on it, so the top card is a Visa card, and the bottom card is a MasterCard, that is your card type.

The next field which is asked is what is your card number, now if you look at this card, there is a 16 digit card number which is printed on it, so this is exactly the card number that you will have to type it onto the field, that is provided, but all that you have to make sure is that between the digits, there are no spaces, which are entered.

The next field is the name on card, now a common confusion, in this case, is that when the person's name is not printed on the card, people end up putting the name of the bank, so what you need to do is if the name of the person is printed on the card, you put in the name as it is, and in case the name is not printed, you just put in the name of the cardholder.

The next detail is what is the expiry date of the card, so this is usually written in the form of valid through month/year, so in this case, we are seeing it is written as 0 1 / 0 9, that means the expiry date of the card is January 2009.

And the last detail on the payment processing page is the CVV number, so if you turn your card around on the back side, you will see that there is a three-digit card number, a three-digit CVV number, which is printed at the end of the white strip, so this is your CVV number, and this completes all the details on the payment processing page, after this, if you're a Visa cardholder, you will be sent to a verified by Visa.

Now this is a page which is therefore additional security, now if you are going to make payment for the first time using your Visa card, you will be asked for certain details, such as your ATM PIN or maybe the card account holders birthdate, things like that, and then you have to create a certain password, and you will be subsequently using this password for making payment each time, you are going to recharge your mobile, so this is for the visa card holders.

And similarly if you are a master cardholder, you will be sent to another page, which is called as the MasterCard secure code page, and again this page is for additional security, where you need to create a password for yourself, and then subsequently for each time you are charging your mobile, you need to use this password and this basically completes your payment, and now you can go on to MP 7 and try to recharge your mobile by.