Get Free Money with Costco Member Card

By Gavin | February 18, 2020

Here I want to share with you how I made more than $500 with Costco cash back and base on CITI bank card.


Does Costco Citi Card Do Cash Back For Paying Bills

After one year of spending, I got one paycheck of $347, and then another paycheck of $176, I bought something from Costco, I spent only $20 on this out of pocket. Because of that paycheck membership, it's about $60 for the executive membership, this is the one that I've got the executive membership cost $120 annually. How about it? Doesn't that sound very good. Let me introduce you in detail from this article.

You have to spend $120 just to get this membership, a lot of people don't want to pay a $120 just to shop at Costco, or that makes them a CITI executive membership, they give you 2% cash back on everything you spend. Every time you go in there you need this card, every time you pay for gas, you pay for groceries, you buy electronics, whatever it is if you have to use your membership card. Also please check

Does Costco CITI Card Offer Travel Insurance

If you have a membership card from Costco that's $60 and you're not getting anything back, you're wasting your time, this gives you 2% cash back. This isn't how I got the paycheck over $176, from using 2% back on what everything has been using this card now. Costing $120 annual fee and it gives you 2% cash back up to $1000, they make my $524 with just this card.

I also want to talk about the CITI bank card. I combined these two, Costco and CITI cards and they're very powerful combinations. 2% cash back everything you spent in Costco store and online or person, cash back on gas up to $7,000, 3% cash back on restaurants and travel, and then 1% cash back on everything else.

Now the key point is that you need to have both of these combined to increase your points. Use this when you go to the restaurant when you go to the store when go buy gas, whatever it is. It's giving you 1% to 4% cash back.

When you go to Costco or put gas in Costco that's an extra 2%. So we just say putting gas at Costco with 4% plus 2%, you're going to get 6% back to it. Costco spends $100 on the gas, you'll get $6 cash back. You buy some groceries, you get 2% cash back, that's 2% cash back, that's 4% cash back, you're getting $4 cash back. For every $500 you spend the results too much, it depends on how much you spend, what categories you spend it on. Not everybody's going to make $124.

When I went in applied for the credit card, first they were trying to advise me to apply for this. Because you get the 2% cash back on everything. So I told them I didn't need this. But I planned to get this credit card first, and then get this card by paying for that card, does that make any sense?

I would initially be getting 2% cash back on a card that gives me 2% cash back, if you get it at the same time that you'll probably have to pay for this one with your cash, got to kind of play it out. But it just made sense for some of you who are already in that position where you're getting a text back from Costco. Because you're already making money back to this strategy.

When Do You Get Costco CITI Rewards

The mistake that I learned or I didn't think about it after I use my rewards. When you get your Citi Costco rewards that they're going to mail it to you or they're going to email you a certificate of how much of whatever your report is, what you can do is you can go to the front desk, cash out that reward. What I should have done was charged everything to my card, get the points, cash out my certificate, and then taking that cash. Put it in my bank account, and pay off my card. It was a mistake that I made, I didn't think about it until I got home.

Now I want to share that with you, that way you don't make that same mistake. If you have our rewards and you can cash. But don't use it at Cosco. You use your card, you get the points, so you can build to your next year, you get the points back every year.

How Does Costco CITI Card Send Cash Back Checks

If you've got your card or if you got the new rejected card at Costco, anywhere card by CITI. Like say you got it in March, you'll have to wait one year until your closing statement of March to get your checks. I think for the executive, you'll get it a month earlier. For me, I got it a month earlier and then this one I had to wait till my February statement closed, because I get it in February to get my check back.

The Free Money Is Available For Shopping At Costco

This is free money who would want an edge to $525 just to spend on whatever you want. This is paying with cash, you have to get on this train before it leaves. Get your finances, figure out what cards work for you, this can be your foundation part of your foundation of five, there's no annual fee. There's no reason why you shouldn't have this card.

Unless you don't shop at Costco, then this article is irrelevant for you, but for those of you who do shop at Costco or New York law school or some people, they have different situations. But if you can get the executive card, let's just say it's $524, subtract the fee that you had to pay for this card, that's $404 even if you still got this card and paid for itself.

Through my introduction, do you know the Costco cash back process? If you have any questions, please check Costco official website, where you can find more details. All right, Good luck.