Credit Card Review | Costco Anywhere Visa By CITI

By Gavin | March 10, 2020

This article is about the Costco Anywhere Visa Card review, and let's talk about with you the Costco Anywhere Visa Card. I'm not a Costco member, I want to be a Costco member. The Costco Anywhere Visa card by CITI is really good and I wanted to go through the benefits.


This Costco Anywhere Visa Card has a lot of benefits, from what I see it's probably CITI best cash back card, that's what they quote on different review sites that it's CITI best cash back card.

For good reason it's Costco, you associate Costco with having the best deals. I look at this best cards most likely most of CITI cards, most of the ones that I have only give you one main benefit to that card, but this one's giving you a lot of cash back opportunities.

Costco Anywhere Visa Card By CITI

The first opportunity that the Costco Anywhere Visa card gives you is 4% on eligible gas up to $7,000 that can be huge. I don't know if you spend over $7,000 worth of gas. Now if you're a person that can use to work you could spend a lot more than that.

But 4% is a huge percentage back, you can get 3% in some other visa cards, you also get 3% cash back on restaurants and eligible travel purchases, and then you also get 2% on Costco purchases. This is a whole reason why you have the Costco Anywhere CITI visa card.

Costco Anywhere Visa Card Benefits Cash Back

CITI could do whatever they want to do, especially if they're looking to how do you spend money elsewhere, not just at Costco. You also have 1% cash back on all other purchases which are average. It's just like every other card, but this is a decent card to give you so many points.

This card also no annual fee, you have all of these perks with no annual fee without having to pay anything and you have no foreign transaction fees.

It speaks for itself, you can also receive an annual credit card reward certificate which can be redeemed for cash or redeemed for merchandise at any warehouse which is a huge deal. I don't really know the details of that but you do receive something in the form of cash back, you receive something back.

Costco Anywhere Visa Card APR

Let's get into the APR and fees. The standard APR on this card is 16.74%, you have a cash advance, the APR of 16.74%. You have a penalty APR of 29.99%, minimum interest charge which I never liked, but minimum interest charges you should have to pay interest in the beginning.

You should never have to pay interest actually at all through any of your cards because you should pay off the balance every single month, but minimum interest charges 50 cents, you have a cash advance fee of 10$ or 5%, and then the balance transfer fee of $5 or 3%.

Costco Anywhere Visa Card Eligible Gas

All around thoughts on this card, it has a ton of value, you look at all of the percentages that you get back. You don't see that often. I think that this is a really good card if you're interested in this card I would apply for it, especially since it has no annual fee it doesn't hurt, but you're getting cash back on things that can benefit you.

You're getting cash back on travel, on gas, on some restaurant. If you shop at Costco, that can be a form of normal spending, also gas can be normal spending and some forms of travel can be normal spending. You're getting a lot of normal spending categories which I love on any card.

That's my review of the Costco Anywhere Visa Card, good luck.