Citi Prestige to Offer 75000 Point Bonus

By Gavin | August 05, 2019

For Citi prestige to offer 75000 point bonus and We have some exciting news for you about the Citi prestige, that Citi groups premium credit cards up there in the same range of the Amika platinum Chase Sapphire Reserve or that they're bringing in some changes which are coming in on July 23rd, and these are changes for the better not for the worse.


Cosmetic change is providing a metal card

First of all, the most obvious which is a cosmetic change is that they are providing a metal card, all new users can get approved for the card after July 23rd, you'll be issued a metal card and they'll roll our metal cards for existing cardholders over the months to come.

Your card number will stay the same, but your CBB number expiry date will change now, this is obviously just to compete with the Chase Sapphire Reserve, and the Amex platinum recently changed their card to a very hefty metal card, and it seems now all premium credit cards need to be made of metal. If you've got a few of them your wallets going to be pretty heavy now. 

The second change is a signup bonus offer

The second change which is pretty cool is a signup bonus offer, which is going to be available for a couple of months, which is a seventy-five thousand point signup bonus, but there is a catch get this. You have to spend seven thousand five hundred dollars in the first three months now, that's quite a lot.


Normally it's around three to five thousand, even the Chase Sapphire Reserve with its 100 thousand point signup bonus, I think I only had to spend it was five thousand dollars in three months for members, even four thousand, I don't know four or five thousand, I can't quite remember.

To get that signup bonus for the Citi procedure spend seven thousand five hundred, for a lot of people I think that's a little bit beyond what they're going to be able to put on a credit card every month.

Monthly spending is too high to achieve

I know I certainly would not be able to get that signup bonus, unless it was a month where I was like paying for something like a big family vacation or buying a new computer which cost like three thousand dollars, and then add my monthly spending to that I may get near seven thousand five hundred, but on regular months I don't put that much on a credit card or a regular three month period I should say.

Because rent is my biggest expense, and I just pay that by cheque to the landlord. I can't put that on a credit card, so that leaves all my other spending which doesn't quite cut it, you'd have to spend two thousand five dollars a month. Just be aware of that if you want to get this card you want to try and get that signup bonus, just be aware you have to spend an average of $2,500 per month to be able to get the sign-up bonus.

The fourth-night free offer

The next change is to do with the fourth-night free offer, which has been all along one of the best aspects of the Citi Prestige card. Some positive changes are coming for this aspect of the cards.

First of all, you no longer have to talk to the Citi concierge. To actually get your fourth night free used to have to turn up the concierge and then email them the hotel you wanted and your travel dates, et cetera, and they would book it for you, and then you would get a statement credit on the card, discounting your fourth night, returning the money for the fourth night.

Now you can be the Booker to receive thank-you points travel portal, and the Travel section of that website, when you book a hotel through their using the Citi prestige or using your thank you points, if you're a prestige cardholder you will get the four snake-free.

The average price for that room

There have been some changes and how it's worked out, though it's not going to be the actual price of the room, it's going to be the average price for that room. If you are going on vacation at a time, let's say Florida and Spring Break right, like the high season or maybe Christmas or whatever, and the hotel is selling at a premium, you're going to have to pay a little bit extra for the room.


Because it's above the average price and also taxes, and includes you have to pay taxes, but even with that you're going to be getting a heavily discounted like 80 90 % discounted the fourth night. It's still an amazing perk which if you travel a lot, and you stay in hotels for a like period of four days one week it could save you thousands of dollars because there's no limit to the number of times you can do it within one calendar year.

Exchange Citi thank-you points for cashback

Additionally, you now can exchange Citi thank-you points for cashback at one cent per point, this may not sound that great, because obviously you're going to get better value out of them, redeeming them for your airline miles and that kind of stuff, but if you think about a Citi prestige gets you 3x3 points per dollar back on air travel, two points per dollar and dining and entertainment, you're getting quite a good ratio of cashback there, three cents per dollar of its air travel, and etc.

I don't have this card, so I can't do like a proper review of it. I can just tell you about these new perks which are pretty exciting, right now I already have this Chase Sapphire is a Mrs. a creditor who has the Onyx platinum and us kind of feel that one premium credit card per person, it's kind of enough unless we start traveling significantly more than we do now.

And we'll be able to get back a lot of those annual fees through utilizing the travel credits and benefits and stuff on the card that may happen in the future. Right now I think my next card will probably be a tier 3 card, like the Marriott chase card.

I think that's probably going to be the next line applies for the Citi procedure, of course, provides all the usual perks that you get through a tier 4 or premium credit card lounge access through Priority Pass Global Entry credit. All these trip cancellation insurance also rental waiver.

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