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By Gavin | August 05, 2019

For Citi premier card travel rewards credit card and we're talking Travel Awards credit cards, today's credit card is the Citi ThankYou Premier card. I've had this credit card in the past, I did get rid of it last year, but there are some ways that you can redeem points here, but you do need to understand, and at the very end I'll kind of explain my overall feelings about this card.


But just because they allow you to get three times points and that doesn't mean that those points are always valuable in and you're able to use them like any other card. We'll talk a little bit more about that in the end.

Initially got 50,000 bonus points after spending

The annual fee is $95 and that is waived the first year, so that's pretty good, you can get the card and kind of get a feel for it, and if you want to keep it after a year then you can do that now.

One thing that I noticed on here that when I initially got the card I got 50,000 bonus points after spending, I think it was like $3,000 within the first three months, and it looks like they're no longer offering that which is a real negative, bonuses are always nice.

If you have a card you want to invest in this card $95 a month, 95 dollars a year you want to get something out of it, right up front and in this situation looks like they took that promotional way, so that's pretty sad.

Earned possibilities

Let's look at the Earned possibilities here, actually, let's move down a little bit, look at them here, she'll get three times points, that's for travel, gas-station, hotels, cruises, car rental. It's pretty good, three times points is a benefit there, interesting parking, that's good.

Because I can't tell you how many times I've gone to, I've gone somewhere, let's say I go to LAX and I fly out of LAX, I leave my car there for five days come back, and I have to pay that fee, at least I know I'm getting three times points, so that would be really a benefit there.

You're going to get two times points that's on dining and entertainment, so that's good, and you'll get 1 times points on everything else. That's pretty standard as far as the 1 times points and the two times points, three times points, that's good for gas stations and things like that.


Purchase protection

One other thing I wanted to go over the purchase protection, that's good, and I talked about this pretty much, any time I see it most credit cards will offer this, you just need to read the fine print, but just having that extended warranty. Always think about if you're making a large purse purchase that if you want to have the cash, if you have the cash using your credit card, and then pay it off right away, and then you'll get an extended in a lot of cases.

If this is let's say a 1-year a warranty then you get an extended year, so it'll get two years of warranty, so that's pretty good. Looking in concierge you got that and see additional cards, here you can get that, the Apple page. They have that same partnership now, let me just kind of go over my overall feelings about the thinking points.

I had this card like I said it was got rid of it last year. I had it, I got it two years ago, I got the 50,000 bonus points and the points aren't as valuable as comparing it to a Chase Sapphire Preferred, those points they're not the same, and it's mainly because there are two things but the travel portal, you can use a travel portal, but I didn't find the same deals that I was able to get with Chase Sapphire Preferred using their travel portal.

The transfer partners

The thank-you points to me weren't as valuable using the travel portal as well as the transfer partners that they have, the transfer partners aren't as good as the transfer partners with the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the ultimate rewards program. Just you need to know what you're getting into.

If you have all these points and you're thinking, I'm getting three times points on this and two tens points on that, and you're accumulating all these points. You need to make sure that the travel partners or travel partners that you want to utilize.

For example, the thank-you points they don't have like a strong US carrier, they don't have United, they don't have American, they don't have Delta, so they don't have like a strong US carrier. You can still fly it within u.s, but you'll have to kind of work it around.


Transfer your points to an airline

While you're transferring your points to an airline, that's Ethan or whatever Airlines that they have as far as their travel partners, and then transfer them back into one of the world partners or the Star Alliance partners to get back to the United.

I'm getting a little too detail, I'll save this for another post as for us how to transfer it back from a foreign carrier to the US, but you're going to have to do some extra work, basically is what I'm saying, and you might lose some value.

For instance, I transferred my fifty thousand points over to Virgin America, and when I made that transfer I lost twenty-five thousand points to make that transfer, now the reason that I did that is I transferred him over to Virgin America, and then I was able to transfer them over to Alaska Airlines.

When I transferred over to Alaska I got a bonus, so it pretty much I ended up losing maybe 2,000 3,000 points out of the whole deal, but I was able to transfer it over to Alaska and Alaska is US carrier. I was able to utilize that, you don't utilize the points that way, so you just need to be creative.

My artist opinion without that 50,000 bonus points with this card, it doesn't, to me, it's not a card that I would get.

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