Best Cash Back Cards 2019

By Gavin | August 05, 2019

Best Cash Back Cards 2019 and we're going to talk about some great cards that you can use for your gas purchases. I've kind of been avoiding this topic just because I'm not someone who owns a car, a lot of the other research that I do is stuff that I'm personally curious about. Whether it makes sense for me to upgrade a card or whether it makes sense to use one card over another card.


Cards that give you a cashback and not points

Here it's just not something I've really even really looked into, given that again I don't have a car and I don't see myself getting a car anytime soon, despite that though I realize that a lot of people do have this issue, and again it might as well maximize their cashback for it.

For this post we're going to be talking about cards and most of them are going to give you 5% in cashback, we're solely looking at cards that give you a cashback and not points. Again there might be ones that give you 3x back in points and depending on how you value those points, maybe it's a 6% return underspend.

Ignore ones that are based off quarters

We're going to ignore those for now just because people seem to get kind of confused with those, and also we're going to ignore ones that are based off quarters. For example, for something like the Chase Freedom card you do get 5x back your gas stations typically once a year for one quarter, but it's only $1500 if you have two of those cards maybe it's $3,000 for you.


Depending on how you value those points, 5x back can equal 10% back, the benefit of these cards is that they're straight cashback and you also don't need to worry about when to use them. But there are caps for some of them, and again a lot of them do have rules based on when you can use it or who can benefit from it.

The Costco Visa Card

With that said, let's dive into the cards. The first card we're going to talk about is the Costco Visa Card, using this card you get 4% Becca gas stations, up to $7,000 per year. The cool thing here is that it includes Costco gas, which of my experience tends to be cheaper.

Again I don't run scars that often, but when I do, when I have to refill it, I typically go to Costco, the card also earns cashback in a bunch of different categories. For someone who doesn't want that many cards, who doesn't want a specialized card for each of their big-spending categories, then this is a pretty good option.

One thing to consider, though if this card is that you do need a Costco membership, and you only get the cashback one every year, a lot of the other cards were going to talk about. You're going to be able to redeem it maybe every month, but here you're only going to be able to redeem it every February.

Therefore someone who's going to cancel their membership because they're moving somewhere that doesn't have a Costco, then you might be in kind of a weird situation, just because you might need to renew that membership to get the cashback.

USAA cashback rewards plus American Express card

The fourth-best card on this list is the USAA cashback rewards plus American Express card, with this card you earned 5% back on your first $3,000 in gas purchases as well as military-based purchases, getting this card is a lot tougher though, so you need to look at the requirements and see whether they apply to you.

If you're active or retired from the US military then you should be fine with this card, you also get 2% back on up to $3,000 at the grocery store, but again for me anything at 2% or less doesn't really come into play, just because there's a lot of 2% cards out there.

The Sam's Club MasterCard and visa platinum card

The third one on our list is the Sam's Club MasterCard, using this card you're going to get 5% back on gas for up to $6,000 per year, again this is for gas at sam's club as well as normal gas stations. From my understanding, it's pretty similar to the Costco card where you get paid back once every year.

The second card on our list is the four drunks visa platinum card, even though this is a credit union, you don't need to be a member to apply. So if a lot of other credit union cards you do have to fulfill other requirements, not for this card.

If this card you earned 5% back on your gas purchases, and there is no cap with a lot of the other cards that we just talked about, there are caps, so again if you spend more than six or seven thousand dollars per year on gas, this is pretty optimal.


NR a complete Rewards Visa card

In the card list, we're going to talk about afterward makes a lot of sense. If you're a professional driver, so whether you're a trucker or maybe you're an Uber or Lyft driver, the best card for gas is the NR a complete Rewards Visa card. Using this card you're going to get 5% back at gas stations as well as sporting goods stores.

The main reason that this card is in the first place instead of the Fort Knox card, even though both cards have no limit is that this one also has sporting goods stores, depending on you though and how you feel about certain things, it might not make sense to get this card.

Why I don't have a car

If you're curious why I don't have a car, it's because I live in San Francisco, and I don't need a car, most of the time I maybe do one or two Costco runs once a month, so that's the only time I need a car.

If I want to do a road trip or if I want to let's say go hiking or something, I either have people who have cars so I can just kind of piggyback off them or again I can rent a car, and do it for the weekend, renting a car for the weekend is typically about twenty dollars per day.

Again not too bad, at all San Francisco is probably the worst place for a car owner, just because parking is really expensive, and again you're probably going to get your car broken into at least once. Hope that was helpful.

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